2019 mowing–In 2019 thus far, Diamond creek, Garvin brook & Hemingway creek have had walking paths mowed.  Lower Rush creek will be done on 7/3/2019.

Goodhue Fishing club

On 4/18 19 Goodhue high school fishing club visited and was guided by Win-Cres members on a trout fishing outing.  A good time was had by all


Garvin Dam

Banner year for trout

News from the DNR is that their spring electroshocking this year are showing trout numbers & size average is about as good as they have ever been. Actually it would help streams if anglers kept some to eat. Keep the 10-11 inchers, tho., not the 15″ spawners. Some streams having perhaps too many fish are: Winnebago, Trout run, SF Root, Wisel creek, upper SB Root.

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Just want to let the fishing public know that Extensive Habitat Improvement projects are planned for the next couple years. Streams included from our area are: Wisel creek, So. Br. Whitewater, West Indian creek, Rush creek and the 3rd phase of Garvin brook. Update: Jeff Hastings and the TU Dare group have been successful in applying for & getting a 9 million dollar grant for conservation projects in the Driftless Area. It will be interesting to see how we can use this to supplement the Legacy Fund grants to really power up trout habitat & fishing opportunities in SE MN

On 4/21/18 a dozen guys worked on Garvin & completed removal of invasives prior to starting in stream work.

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The DNR is currently working on H. I. updating on Big Trout creek(Fitch section). Subsequently will move to finish Rush creek section below Wunderlichs/Ehlenfeldts. H. I. project under way on upper section of Cedar Valley creek, when complete, phase 3 of garvin brook will be started.

Mowed walking path into Hemmingway and work to clear unwanted debris & deadfalls from the stream was completed on June 9 by 8 Win -Cres guys.
2 skyhook structures were put together for the Phase 3 Garvin project by 4 old guys!

Work crew on Garvin Phase 3 expects to complete work this week(w/b 7/16). DNR is close to done on update work of Big Trout creek on Fitch easement & will then move to finish their project on lower rush below ehlenfeldts creek. Work on Rush creek “between the bridges” should start this summer, also.

Phase 3 on Garvin brook is complete, enjoy the fishing experience. Rush creek project “between the bridges” is about 1/2 complete, will be wonderful stretch when done. Some rainbow Indian projects have been seen in the project, having to come up all the way from Rushford, probably seeking cooler water. West Indian & Wisel projects probably won’t happen this year. DNR is finishing their work on upper Big Trout creek.

The H. I. project on Rush creek “between the bridges” is complete. Makes access to this stretch really easy, enjoy!!

Website Maintenance

Beginning today, I, Jim Clark am taking over maintenance of the Win-Cres TU website. I am not very experienced, so it will be a learning experience. If you have ? about Win-Cres or the Website, I can be contacted at jfclark4@charter.net

Welcome To The Win-Cres T.U. Chapter Website

The Win-Cres Chapter of Trout Unlimited has commissioned the construction of this website to further the goal of Coldwater Conservation in the Driftless Area of Southeast Minnesota. The purpose of this website is to inform chapter members as well as the general public of the on going efforts of our chapter. We hope the options available on this website will facilitate frequent communication with members regarding up coming events, stream restoration projects as well as fund raising efforts. Please help us update our records by subscribing to the Win-Cres Chapter E-Newsletter (to your right), you will get an email asking you to confirm that you want to receive emails from us. We will do our best to limit the number of emails you receive but quick communication, especially when weather sensitive projects are on the line is important. Take note of the Events Calendar which will be updated often to include work days, member meetings, as well as opportunities around the area to contribute to other efforts to improve our cold water resources. You can contact Win-Cres at wincrestroutunlimited@gmail.com with questions or comments, feed back is also appreciated. Thank You.

-Your Chapter Officers and Board