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Wild Game Feed Join us at Holzinger Lodge at 6:00 Wed 11/29. Bring a game or fish dish if you have one, to share.

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Join us October 25 for Win-Cres general public meeting. Win-Cres will provide Brats & beans. Holzinger Lodge will be open at 6:00 PM. DrJennifer Biederman of WSU will talk about Diet and growth patterns of brown trout in SE MN on a seasonal basis.

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Just want to let the fishing public know that Extensive Habitat Improvement projects are planned for the next couple years. Streams included from our area are: Wisel creek, So. Br. Whitewater, West Indian creek, Rush creek and the 3rd phase of Garvin brook.

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Students At Winona HS in Pete Wees’ biology class participate in Trout in The Classroom a TU supported activitiumy where they get trout eggs from the DNR and raise them in an aquarium to fingerling size.  The trout are then released into a local stream.  This year the class released about 200 into the whitewater river in Whitewater state park.

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Phase II of Garvin Brook is now complete, only need for native grasses seeding to take hold.  Phase III(Arches up to Farmer’s park is approved, need to start design work.  Project for upper Money creek is also approved, work to take place over next couple years.

Website Maintenance

Beginning today, I, Jim Clark am taking over maintenance of the Win-Cres TU website. I am not very experienced, so it will be a learning experience. If you have ? about Win-Cres or the Website, I can be contacted at

Garvin brook phase II underway

Phase II was started about April 1st and is currently about a third done. This section starts at the Overing property and goes to the lower property line. The project is scheduled to complete by June 15, weather permitting.

Phase III on Garvin Brook is next and involves the stretch from the “arches” up to Farmers Park. Project design and timing have not been finalized, but should take place during 2018/19.

Studies by Neal Mundahl-WSU last fall show there is tremendous natural spawning activity in Garvin brook in the fall. These stream improvement projects will provide much improved habitat and cover and should allow more of the naturally reproducing trout to survive.

This projection is supported by experience on nearby Trout creek(Pickwick) when a large section of that stream underwent similar improvement.

Garvin Monitoring Station Installed!!

The Completed Station

After months of hard work and waiting we installed the water quality monitoring station on Garvin Brook last Friday, February 17th 2012. This step forward marks the near completion of phase one of the overall project. Toby Dogwiler from WSU’s Water Resource Center and his assistant Emma along with Mark Reisetter, Heath Sershen and Justin Carroll worked from 11:30am to 3:30pm assembling, installing and testing the station. Due to the wonderful service of our vendor the station was easily installed and works very well. A mounting area was established by pounding in posts to secure the protective PVC piping to keeping it fully submerged in the creek even during the low flows we are experiencing. The station includes a large solar panel capable of charging the battery for the station throughout the year even in the dead of winter with minimal sun on overcast days. The station has two sensor lines ran which were secured with the available rip-rap. The station will take measurements every five minutes and as soon as the data line is installed will transmit that data every fifteen minutes to our website. This information will help guide our approach to helping this watershed, if you have time to stop and take a look please do so.

The Enclosure

We will need to contact Centurylink to have the data line installed and we will need to organize a regular group of people who can aid us in our efforts to take low and base flow data measurements as the season progresses. We are very proud to have this bear our names, thank you again to all those who helped make this possible, our friends at the DNR Fisheries Office in Lanesboro, the MPCA and WSU. Look for more information and updates as the season continues.

Justin Carroll

Win-Cres TU: Communications

The Crew

Welcome To The Win-Cres T.U. Chapter Website

The Win-Cres Chapter of Trout Unlimited has commissioned the construction of this website to further the goal of Coldwater Conservation in the Driftless Area of Southeast Minnesota. The purpose of this website is to inform chapter members as well as the general public of the on going efforts of our chapter. We hope the options available on this website will facilitate frequent communication with members regarding up coming events, stream restoration projects as well as fund raising efforts. Please help us update our records by subscribing to the Win-Cres Chapter E-Newsletter (to your right), you will get an email asking you to confirm that you want to receive emails from us. We will do our best to limit the number of emails you receive but quick communication, especially when weather sensitive projects are on the line is important. Take note of the Events Calendar which will be updated often to include work days, member meetings, as well as opportunities around the area to contribute to other efforts to improve our cold water resources. You can contact Win-Cres at with questions or comments, feed back is also appreciated. Thank You.

-Your Chapter Officers and Board